Liar, Abe Foxman Accuses Putin Of Playing “Anti Semitic Card”


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Liar, Abe Foxman Accuses Putin Of Playing “Anti Semitic Card”

Abraham H. Foxman,  National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, wrote that Putin is playing the Anti Semitism card. What bullsh-t! The rest of us know that Organised Jewry under America’s Robert Kagan and that bitch Victoria Nudelman do not give a damn about the well-being or safety of the average NON-POLITICISED JEW. America has many, many juderat Rabbis who malign Israel and arselick Palis.

History records more Jews get assaulted or killed as direct results of the criminally reckless policies of the leaders of leftist organized Jewry – the better for the latter, from 135Ad to the present time. It is not surprising to learn from history the German Jewish elite cut a deal with the Nazis to exterminate “Slavic” Jews in order to save themselves.   Similarly, Bleich, Zissels & other “VPs” in Ukraine are a bunch of judenrat, kapo traitors who sold Ukrainian Jews. No jew-hate? They stabbed jews, nazi marches, terror, swastikas & SS insignia by armed thugs is nothing???  Replace fake rabbis & self-proclaimed imposter “leaders” who lick neo-nazis’ boots!!! These judenrats condemned Putin for speaking out against AntiSemitism and branded Ukraine’s new authorities as fascists backed by anti-Jewish militants.

In today’s Russia one of the most popular TV show host is Vladimir Soloviev (here) who not only is Jewish, which he always reminds his audience of, but who even was a member of the Executive Council of the Russian Jewish Congress. And yet, he is a proud and outspoken Russian patriot, he fully supports Putin and, which is far more important, Russian policies, especially in the Ukraine. He categorically denies that there is anti-Semitism in Russia (except for the few, always inevitable, psychos) and he has immense respect for the Orthodox Church.

In his Passover greetings, Putin praised the Jewish community for its contribution to strengthening inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue in Russia, cementing trust and understanding between people, promoting civil peace and accord and helping to instill mercy and charity in younger generations.

Contributed by QV36

Right Sector In Ukraine: “Death To The Kikes?” (Majority Jews Supported Right Sector)


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Right Sector In Ukraine: “Death To The Kikes?” (Majority Jews Supported Right Sector)

Damned if ya do and damned if ya don’t.  A majority of Jewish people supported the Right Sector even though they are a bunch of Jew haters.  But, since they did support these rabble rousers, they are receiving the raw end of the stick from pro-Russians.  Which brings me to MY point:  Isn’t it best to stay out of the business of politics if you don’t know what the outcome will be??  Shouldn’t someone give that advise to Juan McCain???

Click and see Israel Matzav’s post.   Here is the graffiti (The “N” is the fascist symbol in Ukraine, see above picture)


Commie Feminists Actresses Dumping On Kirsten Dunst Because She’s NORMAL


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Commie Feminists Dumping On Kirsten Dunst Because She’s NORMAL

So, an actress arises out of the feminist gestapo..

Here is the deal with the man-hating, brown shirts… They hate pretty, sexy, modest, children, family and anything feminine. They are fascists who do not want an opinion that is contrary to their man-loathing.  That’s all feminism is anymore: Male hate.   This is what the ‘evil’ anti-feminist, Dunst said:

“I feel like the feminine has been a little undervalued. We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mom created.”  -Kristen Dunst

Oooo, so awful…….! (Gag)

We here salute Miss Dunst and I have even made a couple of Polyvore sets (one above) before I even knew they were dumping on her. She is a fine actress and was gorgeous in Marie Antoinette.  That probably made the male-haters gag & foam at the mouth…

A fashion look from March 2012 featuring Maloles sandals, House of Harlow 1960 clutches and OGI earrings. Browse and shop related looks.


See- Feminist Says Actress Kirsten Dunst Too ‘Dumb’ to Have an Opinion

girl animated GIF


Netanyahu & Putin In Agreement Over Ukraine


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Netanyahu & Putin In Agreement Over Ukraine

Putin tells PM that Kiev is to blame for Ukraine escalation; agree to continue cooperation.

Wow, did Netenyahu finally wake up? Don’t know.. But, Putin is not a fool.  We here know that the Ukrainian mess was instigated by John McCain, SOROS, Victoria Nuland, Senator Murphy and Pierre Omidyar.  Putin would never have went in to Ukraine if USA/EU had stayed out of there.   Make NO mistake, it is NATO who is trying to grab the former Soviet Bloc.   Just go look at home many nations NATO has ‘swallowed up’ since 1992.

Reportedly on Netanyahu’s request, the two leaders discussed the situation in Ukraine, which Israeli politicians have been steering clear of, concerned possible security threats could arise if relations with Moscow were to suffer.   Two days ago, US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said the US was “surprised” that Israel failed to support a UN vote hled earlier March in wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. “We were surprised that Israel did not join the vast majority of countries that voted to support Ukraine’s territorial integrity in the United Nations,” she said.

The rest: Netanyahu discusses mutual interests with Russia’s Putin

Link HAT TIP: 

Oh…by the is the latest out of Ukraine from RU loyalists, thanks to Juan McCain:

ukraine sign f you

It’s time to get the hell out of people’s countries & lives and take care of our own borders.

Sons Of Obama Are Beating Whites, No Mentions Because They’re Not Jewish?


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Sons Of Obama Are Beating & Murdering Whites, No Mentions Because They’re Not Jewish?

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Last weekend, Frazier Glenn Miller, a crazed Democrat Nazi shot up a Jewish community center, murdering Christians and the MSM went wild. This week, blacks are beating whites–not a peep.  It’s only important if it’s Jews or blacks that are shot and killed?  Who determines which life is important?  Obama? Holder?  You?

JEWS Under McCains/Obama’s New Leadership In Donetsk, Ukraine Forced To Register


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JEWS Under McCains/Obama’s New Leadership In Donetsk, Ukraine Forced To Register

If McCain had never interfered in the first place regarding the affairs of Ukraine, would we see this?


jews not allowed sign


Another clusterf’ck of a miserable failure in foreign affairs under Obama and his war-hawk buddy:  John McCain.  I told everyone from the beginning that Jews would come under this type of atmosphere in Ukraine and I was called a “Russian propagandist.”  Will Pill O’Reilly bring this up tonight on the BS factor?  Or just more “Putin is a thug” garbage??  When will Americans sit down and say: “Man, we are f’king up the world.”  WHEN?  When will you get that we actually are the imperialist monster they accuse us of?  My guess is never–not until nukes land in California.

 Commenter says the paper says this:

I am able to read that document. What it says is that Jews supported the Junta in Kiev (the Bandera fascists) and are hostile to the Orthodox Republic of Donetsk and it’s citizens, and therefore must register or be expelled from the Republic and have their property confiscated.

See here: Crimea – Ukraine- Russia Crisis – Live Updates.  HT: IsraelMatzav.

IRS Demands Ron Paul’s List Of Donors..(Probably Because He Is Critical Of Action In Ukraine)


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IRS Demands Ron Paul’s List Of Donors..(Probably Because He Is Critical Of Action In Ukraine)

Love or hate Ron Paul, he is usually spot on regarding foreign issues, albeit a few I don’t agree with but for the most part, he is right on – especially regarding Ukraine.  Last month, the fascists in W.D.C. advised us dumb sheep that if we were critical of Ukraine, we could be punished:  Against Ukraine War? Obama May Seize Your Assets – Ron Paul Institute 

Ron Paul PAC says they will defy the FEDS/IRS:  Ron Paul group to defy IRS  Hat tip 

SO, is this how we are gonna play in the USA? If you’re critical of a Prez’s insane warring actions, you get summoned by the IRS?  This is nothing but intimidation. Period.  And, Bush did it, too, folks.  Clinton, Nixon, etc.  This is not supposed to be how we do things.  Paul is right to defy the IRS.

Can you tell me what he is wrong about regarding Ukraine?

Facts about Ukraine that NO news source will bring up:

  • Fox news & others do not mention that George Soros was also involved in the Ukraine FUBAR and advises Mr. Putin to join his “Ukraine Renaissance” a day after the fall of Kiev & ousting of pretend ‘tyrant’, Yanukovych:  George Soros calls on the EU, and Germany in particular, to take part in his Ukraine Renaissance. 
  • Fox news & others do not reveal to its listeners that America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco.  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.

Although many of Paul’s followers are not the nicest people and blame the Jews for every evil under the sun, I don’t hold that against Ron Paul.. But, I think many of his stooges are huge jerks & they can come down with a case of C-Diff and crap their pants for all I care…

@MaxBlumenthal Inspired DEMOCRAT, Jew-Hating Christian Killer: F. Glenn Miller?


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@MaxBlumenthal Inspired DEMOCRAT, Jew-Hating, Christian Killer: F. Glenn Miller?

Well, chalk one up for the ‘ol Ku Klux Klan..LOL.. They renounced Christian-killing, Miller: Click here

Max is an Israel hater.  Not just the government of Israel, he just seems to think that Israel is the problem all over the world & ruling the whole world.. And, he found good company with the likes of Jew-hating, Christian killing, F. Glenn Miller.  (see below)  Why is it that the Nazis ♥♥♥ the Commies?   I don’t get it.   I wish the Jewish peeps were not so messed up in the head.  (Well, they’re not all that way)  But, a vast # are screwballs.

We’ll give Blumenthal ONE benefit of the doubt…he had Juan McCain pegged from the jump in Kiev.

Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., Kansas Jewish Murder Suspect, Made Democrat Congressional Bid in 2006,” andFar-Left Max Blumenthal: Key Inspiration for #Democrat Murder Suspect Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. — #JewishCommunityCenter.”

Max and his G’F:

A home decor collage from November 2013

Antisemite Max Blumenthal et al Inspired the Nazi-Klan Leader’s Jewish Massacre in Kansa – See more at:
Antisemite Max Blumenthal et al Inspired the Nazi-Klan Leader’s Jewish Massacre in Kansa – See more at:

Cliven Bundy Saga Cont’s: FEDS Will Not “Leave Bundy Alone”, They Are FASCISTS.


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Cliven Bundy Saga: FEDS Will Not “Leave Bundy Alone”, They Are FASCISTS.

The FEDS did not leave Serbia alone. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, etc.  Why would they back down from Americans?  They won’t.  And, you are stupid if you believe so.  I live for the day when ALL Americans #1. Turn back to God.  #2. Turn on this fascist government who takes delight on killing everyone, not just here, but overseas, yearly.   The only way to combat this over-reaching government is to unite and rid ourselves and this WORLD of them.  There is no other way.  Men are going to have to fight.

See: BLM Flip Flops: “No Deal” on Dropping Actions Against Bundy


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