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Idiot, Marco Rubio: “Russia threat To World Peace, U.S., Etc” NO, OBAMA IS YOU MORON

This is the jackass that is gung-ho for amnesty and we are supposed to believe HIM?  When has Russian threatened the USA?  IT HASN’T.  But, I am sure that Obama, Rubio and the rest would love Russia to.


America has the biggest government of damned liars, RINOS, Nazi enablers, Communists and sell outs to the MAX.  I see this vomitous gasbag does not want to bring up over 2400 civilian deaths by drones overseas, courtesy US Govt: The Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes: 2,400 Dead

Obama is the stinkin threat with his NSA expansion, “Patriot” act expansion, the everyday war against our 2nd Amendment rights, pro-partial birth abortion (decapitation of babies), thrusting LGBT insanity on us, ditto 22 million illegals with amnesty, controlled media, you name it!  I am SICK of these phoney’s!  Add Ted Cruz to the mix of asshats who dont know a f’n thing regarding Russia:
“Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said last week RU should be booted out of the Group of Eight, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Security Council.”   Look at the vomotious gasbag, John Kerry, advising RU:  ‘Invasion Is Not the Act of Someone Who Is Strong’

WHAT?  Under Barack Obama, we are the idiots who invade through proxies in Egypt, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask John McCain and Victoria Nuland who were both in Ukraine engaging the violent rioters.  Google it yourself to see, I am sick of this crap.


Phony ass-Rubio: Russia Is a Government of Liars and an Enemy to World Peace and the US

imgflip.comNO WAR IN UKRAINE.

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