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“Genocidal” Yanukovych, USA’s Fav Boogeyman: NO Proof Of Any Genocide. #SouthAfrica Is In Stage 6 Genocide

This is a little white girl who was beaten by black racists in South Africa.


Look around for yourself on the internet in the searches re. Yanukovych genocide.  I challenge you.  There is no genocide in Ukraine in 2014 or even before, not in decades.  You want a real genocidal maniac? Jacob Zuma, the dictator of S.A.  Ya know..people ..America loves to make-up phony dictators at present because we seem to crave wars in other countries.  We are always fighting these ‘dictators’ lately.  Fight the dictator in the White House. He is our issue, not Yanukovych.

Before 4 or so weeks ago, did you even know who Yanukovych was? NO. Why the deep concern now?  If he WAS a genocidal maniac, we would have heard it from the surrounding countries of Belarus, Romania, Hungary or the Czech Repub.  We also would have heard from the Russians since Ukraine has a large population of Russians.


Are there any walls around Ukraine? NO  Yanukovych, although – has a denial issue with the Holomodor: Yanukovych Says Ukrainian Famine Not Genocide The potential reason for that may be a national/patriotic/blind pride issue. Genocidal watch does not even have Ukraine named: Genocide Watch

**However….let’s not look at the elephant in the room.. South Africa, where whites die daily at the hands of black racists: Online Genocide in SO memorial.

Genocide Watch  States that South Africa is in stage 6 genocide.

Wake up, America, you sleep while wanting to war.  The truly evil go unpunished in South Africa:


[Thomas Hester Beaten by armed thugs Bloemfontein Wicus Bürger Volksblad Mar242010[2].jpg]

[Van Vuuren Marthinus and family beaten up Jagersfontein six man black gang March 23 2010.jpg]

“Kill the white farmer” sung by the Jacob Zuma, Leader of South Africa:

South Africa today is the murder capital of the world, a nation where a woman is raped every 30 seconds, often by AIDs carriers who go unpunished, and where whites are anything but the citizens of a democratic country which honors the principles of equality and freedom. From David Horowitz

Meanwhile…Barack Obama is turning into the genocidal maniac and has a dead pool pages long: Obama’sDead Pool

Plus his 2400 plus dead by drones over seas: The Toll Of 5 Years Of Drone Strikes: 2,400 Dead – Huffington Post

Add Obama’s state run media cover up of the ongoing genocide of whites here in USA at the hands of Obama’s sons…

Priorities much? 

Get your head out of your ass, America.

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