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Flashback Nov 2012: Vladimir Putin Sent 20,000 Blankets To Victims Of Hurricane Sandy  In Staten Island

Everyone is on the hate Putin the boogeyman bandwagon – but facts are facts:  Russia sent 20K blankets to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  How did America repay this kind gesture?  By supporting the violent overthrow of an elected government in Ukraine in order to isolate Russia.

Barack Hussein Obama is the boogeyman with the US government.  It isn’t Putin who shoved Commie care on us.  It isn’t Putin who is using the NSA.  It isn’t Putin who is cramming homosexual weddings on Americans. It isn’t Putin who is going to grant amnesty to 20 million illegal occupiers. ETC.

Americans seem to want a monster to rant at. Well, rant at Obama, he is the one that helped start the insanity in Ukraine, ditto McCain and Nuland.  There would be NO problem in Ukraine if we had kept our nose out of their business. FACT.

See for yourself: Staten Island: Russians Send Blankets To Hurricane Sandy Victims In NYC As Obama Only Gives Hugs 4 Photo Ops

An art collage from November 2013

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