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MSM Jumps When Nuland Says “FU”, But NO Q’s Why She’s Been Engaging In WAR/Revolution In Ukraine

A couple of months ago, I started posting on the revolt in

Ukraine Protest

I knew there was US involvement in the Ukrainian FUBAR after I saw John McCain with the ‘protesters’ in Kiev who were brought in from the EU to demand Ukraine join the European Union.   These ‘protesters’ have burned the city of Kiev to the ground in an effort to become enslaved to the EU.    I can’t tell you how many Americans were rooting for the side of violence (these were also ‘conservatives’)  How can one claim to be conservative and Christian, yet root for violence in another country where there were no issues before WE got there?  Priests have stood in the gap, facing the protesters.  They faced the protesters to protect law & order.

Yet, many Americans were STILL for the violence in Ukraine.  Even after I advised these gasbag-idiots that if Ukraine joined the EU Union, they would be infiltrated with Muslims–they still didn’t budge and thought that the ‘protesters’ there were oppressed by their government just as the U.S. is… Many conservatives have even thought that the “Pussy Riot” (maybe a little outlandish) were a legit group of well-meaning young women.  The “Pussy Riot” is pro-homosexual marriage, militant feminist and pro-abortion.  Yet “Conservatives” in America still supported these wack-jobs.  The “Pussy Riot” took their sick behavior into Orthodox churches-NAKED-and still ‘conservative’ Americans supported these freaks. 

Finally, one the evil skanks from the “Pussy Riot” visited  Bill de Blasio, at City Hall in NYC to discuss prison reform.  The “Pussy Riot” pig  discussed ‘prison reform’ and she had the ear of the Communist, DeBlasio….And, thats when “conservatives” woke up.  Because De Blasio’s a Marxist, y’know and that’s when we Americans care.  Only when things affect us, do we give a shit.

Yes, I am angry with conservatives because you should know better.

Meanwhile, this bitch, Nuland has been engaging violence and the overthrow of the government in Ukraine and nobody asks what that hag was doing in Kiev.  American “conservatives” only cared that this bottom-feeder said “F*ck you” to the EU.  Did Nuland’s aggression receive the support of the congress?  Did congress vote to go to war in Ukraine?  NO.  So, what is this bitch doing, engaging in war & undermining a government?   And, why has the MSM said NOTHING?   The Obama administration and most members of the house/senate have turned another country upside down, are engaging WW3 with Russia because of Ukraine and everyone is worried about “F*ck you”

Here is this vile witch with Vitaly Klitschko, the violent ‘opposition’ leader in Kiev, Ukraine:

You know why we have no country anymore?  Because we don’t give a damn about anybody but ourselves.  We don’t ‘love our neighbor’, we murder our neighbor and pay for their deaths like assassins:   US Gov Sending 20 Mill Of YOUR Tax Dollars To Ukraine Every Week To Fund Violent ‘Protesters’


I am on the Lords side, too.

I will keep this on sticky so QV can let ya all have it.

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