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Anti Gun Activist Causes School Lockdown While Concealed Carrying

This happened late last week in Buffalo, NY.  No surprise here!  I keep telling you that “Liberals” are violent psychopaths. Of course, the NY Times has enraged the population against gun-owners who don’t go to schools and shoot everyone up like Karl Pierson, the Socialist Shooter did: (Denver Post scrubs ‘socialist‘ from profile of Arapahoe Socialist shooter …)

NY Times also started “M.AD.D.” against guns.  You’ll see the ‘anti gun activist’  ALSO talking about “Mad Dads”  in this video below:

just another day in Commie America where Liberals scare the hell out of children!

More on this news: Dwayne Ferguson charged for having loaded gun on school 

Meanwhile... Obama is looking for fictional right-wing ‘terrorists’

BTW: “Mad Dads”  Maddads – National « Molding Strong, Loving, Caring Families

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