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Stalinist Obama Purges Another 30 Plus Nuke Missile Officers.   Imagine If This Was A FAR Right Wing Repub Doing This?

The left would be going insane if Obama was a far, right-wing Republican.  That’s a fact.

These liars claim this is a ‘cheating scandal.’

While the Benghazi intell reports were being brought to the public, our Communist dictator has purged another 30 plus military brass.  
Imagine if this was a far, far, right- wing Republican doing this? We are reaching a point of no return, people.  This is what totalitarianism looks like.  This is scary.. And, even scarier are the ‘civil rights’ Liberals who have said ZERO.  Proving to me, once again – that they were always full of shit.

This is now close to 200 officers, Generals, LT COLs, commanders, etc that have been purged under our defacto dictator, Obama.

Click: Obama purges another 34 nuke missile officers

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