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Pinko DeBlasio Already Burning The Middle Class. Wants To Outlaw Horse-Carriages In NYC

Well, NYC…this is what you get for putting in a Commie.  These horses are not under duress…!!!  DeBlasio is just another lunatic, Liberal freak.  Ha… Ya Pinko rats in NYC thought it was bad under Bloomberg–HAHAHA.

This is a direct hit against the middle class.  Period.  These people are not rich.  They barely make an affordable wage in NYC.  Stupid NYers.  You’d be better off with that Chinese dude who wants to take over the NYSlimes.

The NYers need to get together with their horses and kick the crap out of this MORON.

Many of the hansom cabs have been in business for over a hundred years, passing it down from generation to generation.  The horse drawn carriage is a NYC tradition.  There is ALREADY a law–that if the temp hits 90 degrees, the horses go off the streets.

Long live the horse and its Irish immigrant!

An art collage from November 2013

See-Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Horse Policy is Pure Manure – Reason.com

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