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Bill DeBlasio Should Be ARRESTED For Illegal Communism Not Made Mayor Of NYC

I have absolutely NO qualms about calling a traitor by his/her name and neither should you.

First of all:  I really have NO sympathy for NYC. In my opinion, it deserves what it gets. However, I do have friends stuck in the gulags there and for them, I must speak out.

Bill DeBlasio is not just a “Socialist”, he is a straight up Communist.  If you listened to his very boring speech, you could hear that for yourself.  NOTHING he said was American. Everything he spoke of was pure, unadulterated Communism.

Communism is illegal in America.  I am shocked that more people have not linked this fact: Cornell University Law School #Communism Is Illegal

He should be arrested and deported along with his hideous wife.

This is what a Communist looks like.  Communism should be shamed, daily. Spoken of in the most derogatory way.

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