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China Getting Ready To Nuke America?  All We Have Is Obama Who Would LOVE US Attacked

We have no great leader who would know how to prepare for an attack. No, we have Barack Hussein Obama, an enemy within.

Well, I have been telling you all for a couple yrs that a potential attack from China may happen.   Sadly-This morning, I was vindicated with this newsChinese state media show plans for nuke strikes on US cities.. & .Damage projections for Seattle and Los Angeles…China Moves Spy Ship to Hawaiian Waters

So, what will Americans do if they hear China may attack us?  It’s football season.  They will watch rapists play ball.  Eat pizza, drink beer and worship Obama the destroyer.  So many Americans are dumber than a bag of hammers.  I have *NEVER* seen a nation more worthy of destruction. 

China is not like America.  They are fighters, moral, they will kill without mercy. They are practiced in Sun Tzu, we are a sworn enemy, we owe them huge amounts of money, they don’t threaten, they keep promises.  End result: Many will die if this happens.

The only good part about this is that they are targeting all of your disgusting, liberal, debaucherous, sinful, abominable cities.  I believe we WILL be attacked.

Image for Yu column Inside China<br /> Source: Global Times

Dreams of invasion I have had:


HORRIBLE Dream I Had About The Coming invasion by China  

Read this, this is what will happen if they attack a power grid:

-There would be no heat for your home.

-Water would no longer be pumped into most homes.

-Your computer would not work.

-There would be no Internet.

-Your phones would not work.

-There would be no television.

-There would be no radio.

-ATM machines would be shut down.

-There would be no banking.

-Your debit cards and credit cards would not work.

-Without electricity, gas stations would not be functioning.

-Most people would be unable to do their jobs without electricity and employment would collapse.

-Commerce would be brought to a standstill.

-Hospitals would not be able to function.

-You would quickly start running out of medicine.

-All refrigeration would shut down and frozen foods in our homes and supermarkets would start to go bad.

-Some vehicles would no longer be able to start at all.

-Traffic lights would no longer be working.

-Airplanes would not be able to go anywhere.

-Wall Street would not be able to function at all.

-Government services would collapse.

What Are You Going To Do When A Massive EMP Blast Fries The U.S. Electrical Grid?


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