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Obama-Care Website Crashes During Hearing. Obama: RESIGN. It’s Only Going To Get More Humiliating

This is very serious.  God is trying to stop a civil war in America because he is merciful, loving and faithful.

Barack Hussein Obama is making his own life more difficult. (He already makes ours a living hell)  He is embarrassing his own family and wife.  It is only going to get more humiliating each day as he is exposed.   God always offers an alternative to avert war. The only way to stop a civil war is for Obama to RESIGN, effective immediately

I believe that God is warning Obama to step down:  See: Obama Will Leave the White House &  See: The Next President of the United States 

I stand with my brother in arms on this prophetic type word.  Of course, Obama can always be disobedient to God.. And bring Egypt-style modern plagues

I need to tell you, that out of any posts I have put up-These ‘resign Obama’ posts are the MOST important.  Nothing is more important than these posts.  NOTHING. If everyone would start demanding his resignation, he would have NO alternative BUT resign.
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