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BooHoo, Government Is Threatening To “Shut Down”, Does Anyone Really Care?

LADIES….I don’t give a crap.  They can go rot in the gutter for all I care.  If the US Government shuts down, there will be world peace.  We will hear Joy to the world & glory Halleluyahs for months.  So, we lose some Social Security, medicare, W E L F A R E, foodstamps…..Obama-phones, you know, the entitlements we can ALL really live without.  We’ll just have to take care of our elderly. SO?  They brought our lousy asses into this world, we can at least help them get older. 


Send Obama home to Kenya.  He can take his nasty sons with him. Adios.  Bye to the illegal wetbacks, too!  We can live without the stress.  We can be poor.  We can live off the land.  We can take in our kids and be Americans, again. 

(Carman, one of my fav Christian singers. If you don’t like Christian music, don’t listen. Thanks.)


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