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AZ Update June Crime: Black Kid Punches White Kid In the Face For “Disrespecting” Him

I am almost starting to wonder if this is a conspiracy to grab guns..

This just gets worse by the week.  This white kid ‘disrespected’ this little black bastard.  So, the little creep does what any self-respecting teen would do..Punch the ‘disrespecter’ in the FACE!

And for the stupidest story of the day.. The NRA is getting blamed for Chris Lanes murder.

The 2 racist/haters that murdered the handsome white man from AU are not going to take the heat for this one because this is the NRA’s fault.  This is SO typical of the Commie leftists–never face the problem of race/hate in O’MeriKa because that would be hateful…and RACIST!!!!  

When the KKK and White Supremacists murdered black people at random, it was hatred and racism.  When the blacks and their white/black friend do it, its the NRA’s fault.  

Ya can’t make this shit up.

See Dougs post-This is How Stupid the ‘Debate’ on Crime Has Become…

See this post: Were Chris Lane’s Teenage Killers Really ‘Bored’? (Warning: Strong Language) (They believe that these 3 worked together in a publicity stunt because they wanted to be rappers)

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