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Muslims To March DC On 9/11. White Supremacists & The KKK Should March On MLK Day..

I think this is fair.  

Why not?  Tit for tat.  Sounds good to me.  If the Muslims can march on a day that is infamous, I don’t see why a bunch of WS’s, KKK dudes, etc can’t take their flags and do whatever it is they do.  They should bring their Johnny Reb songs and just have a good ‘ol shindig.  

It would be perfect timing! We have a black Prez.  They can express dissent in the highest form!

Bring the ol KKK flag, dress up in the white robes. Burn a few crosses to exercise the devil out of DC.  Bring the Incogman.  Hey, it’s free speech, right?  So, in an effort to unite the great divide, I believe this is ‘meeting 1/2 way.’  The KKK should meet the Muslims in DC. They can grab some crescent rolls, throw them at the Muslims or sell em some good ol American, Apple-wood, smoked bacon.    Let Allah sort this mess out…

See how tolerant I CAN be?

Can’t we all just get along….!

Love, Pauli – your friendly, neighborhood, shock-jock Jew.

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