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EDIT, this was in Jacksonville, FL:  [Edited by MJ]

Sons Of Obama Murder 2 White Male/Brothers In Jacksonville, FL . They Had “Free Zimmerman” Bumper Sticker

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

Whites should be armed with guns, prepared to shoot–just as Zimmerman had to.  In the 1960′s south, the whites did this to the blacks.  Now, the blacks do this to the whites.  Its time to shoot back.

These are the brothers that have been murdered:

News4Jax.com screen capture

News4Jax.com screen capture

This is one of the bastards that slaughtered them:

Avery Wood is the first suspect to be arrested.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office claims that the “Free Zimmerman” bumper sticker does not exist.  However: Friends of the victims took to social media to report that the brothers had a Free Zimmerman” bumper sticker on their truck

Read the story here:  Thugs slaughter two brothers in Jacksonville in busy parking lot

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