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Racist, Nelson Mandela “Kill White People” Is Dead. Good Riddance.

EDIT, we find he is still alive. Puke face racists live longer than good people/s

We’ll leave it up for his ‘memorial’.

They say Nelson Mandela was a saint, but I did some reading on my own and found that he had his followers put tires around the necks of his black political opponents, fill them with gasoline and lite them on fire. Why would they leave out a detail like that? NOT apartheid????

AND: Here in America, racism is only racism if it is racism against black supremacists and brown supremacists.  White people can be called crackas, honkeys, white ho, etc.  The NBPP can scream in public to ‘kill all crackas and they babies’ and that is OK.. But never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever & NEVER say anything bad about ghetto sons of Obama and their dirty deeds Like (raping, robbing and murdering white people here in USA)…AND NEVER say Good riddance to the ‘holier than thou’, racist, black supremacist filth; NELSON MANDELA.

The reason that the conservative people NEVER ‘win’ is because they cow-tow to bullies instead of fighting bullies back with an equal amount of fire.  


The only ‘apartheid’ is the black people now that are Obama types who rape, murder and rob whites.

“Kill Whites Mandela:”

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