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Blacks To MURDER White People On Twitter, But Paula Deen Says ONE WORD, Is Being Sued

I have already stated that America is under the curses of Deut 28. It does not have to be this way.  Gods arm is never toO short that he will not hear a repentant spirit in agony over national sin. God may be with you, PERSONALLY, but nationally he is not with America..

Paula Deen says ONE word 27 yrs ago (“Nigger”) and her life has been turned upside down.  Blacks are threatening to riot and murder ‘crackas’ on Twitter and that is OK to the MSM who wont ever report it.  The word war is being won by evil people-obviously.  In my opinion, racism is racism.  The racism is now directed AT white people. How do we stop a murdering trend like this?  First, turn to God. Always.  2nd: EXPOSE IT. 3rd RID ourselves of it in any way possible. As sometimes cleansing must begin and end with blood–unfortunately.

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