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Movie “The Purge” Looks Like #CommieWood Thinks The Far Right Wing Is Going To Purge Them

This is a quote from their website for the movie “The Purge:”

When our original Founding Fathers first set these words to paper, they strove to “establish Justice”, “insure domestic Tranquility” and “promote the general Welfare.” Today, the world is a much different place, but the New Founders of America battle for the very same American ideals and refuse to let them fade.

We welcome all those who can make positive contributions to our nation and are confident that those deemed undesirable by the populace will be purged as such.

My thoughts:

As usual, the projecting, Communist, radical, left-wing cannot see their own fascism, complete with snooping through emails, charging journalists with unheard of accusations for investigating N. Korea, re-instating the un Constitutional patriot act, abuse of power through the IRS, covering-up Benghazi,  Obama-Care, DHS, NSA, George Bush’s liberal policies continued through the BHO regime including boots on the ground in Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Jordan plus droning hundreds of innocent civilians in those said countries. Only with Obama in charge as the CIC, there is NEVER congressional approval for these actions against other countries, actions that are illegal.  Obama the Communist, radical – purged 20 plus US NAVY Seals after the supposed capture of Bin Laden (still no pictures to this day.)  Sandy Hook hoax (We know it ‘happened’, but there are many lies) West, TX Fertilizer plant. Add: Obama’s ‘Dead Pool.’ ETC.

The radical, left wing is INSANE:

 They (the left) refuse to see  themselves as the control-freak, fascists they are and continue to blame us for their incredible failed policies of big government.  They consider our founding fathers to NAZI-like.  How can these humans insinuate that our founding fathers are like the Nazi’s?  It’s incomprehensible to me.  Our fathers/grandfathers FOUGHT the Nazi’s.  Did the founders put new immigrant Americans through gas chambers?  Koo Koo.. How can these freaks actually believe that America was a bad idea? I just don’t get it.  I believe that most of these jackasses received their education in Bolshevik schooling.  Why else would they brainwash the populace against its founding fathers??  Who were good men that possessed honest, God-fearing characters?

WARNING:  This movie is indoctrination against American patriotism.  As if far left-wing, Communism is working…

Not everyone is me you stupid-ass Commies. I WOULD purge your asses. You treasonous filth.

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