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WW3: Why Is Everyone Rejoicing Over Israel & Syria? This is Not Something To Be “Happy” About

This is not good news.  What in the hell is with people? Are you all out of your minds?  I don’t understand this offense against Syria.  When has it ever been a ‘good idea’ to get involved in someone else’s Civil war?   This is bad.  Russia and China are with Syria.  Obama hates Israel and is only using them to bomb the hell out of the Syrians.  This is a “Sarajevo moment”.  You people are happy that there will be a WW3?  

It’s official; YOU ARE NUTS.  Americans are totally nuts.  Love war.  You want your sons involved in a Civil war? We have a Civil war right here in our nation brewing up.  This Syria SNAFU is OBAMAS “Arab Spring” and phoney Americans are rejoicing for Obama making Israel do his dirty work?   Obama is the one arming rebels.  This makes me sick.  They should just go at it with eachother.  This is none of our business.  Add to the fact that it is the REBELS that have the poison chems.

Someone better explain just why the f*ck this makes you happy.  Israel is totally out-numbered and surrounded by enemies with a dumb govt that does not even care for its own people, but, they’re bombing Syria because……?

Thats it for me again for another few days. Obama makes me want to have a nervous breakdown, daily.

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