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Censored News: Another Week Of Black On White Crime, Murders & Issues In “Post-Racial” America

 By David Ben Moshe

The media censors the race.  But, if it was a white on black crime, nothing would be censored; they would want to hang the white.  Even conservative websites leave out the race.  Helping these black thugs.

Black thugs murder white UMKC student, media censors

Yet another hate crime murder in Tulsa

Another NYC subway attack caught on tape

Defending the Stuebenville rape:

Stuebenville, Ohio NAACP president defends Steubenville rapist

Demanding white students “Stomp on Jesus”

Mormon student persecuted by University for refusing to “stomp on Jesus

White Student Union Claims Towson Has Black-On-White Crime Problem:

It’s ‘racist’ to report these stories..

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