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Just the other day, Assad’s government released a video saying that they were going to sit down and have talks with the Jihad criminals in Syria.  We should have let them be; Assad knows how to handle this insanity, the US can’t even handle its own mess.  Now, we have fruit-loop, idiot, John Kerry saying that the US will support the Jihadists.  

Well, I warned Americans. QV warned our people that Obama is a Muslim/Marxist and would keep doing this.  Did any stupid, liberal, vomitous, slobs listen? NO. WHY? They LOVE war and WANT WW3 with Russia. They ADORE Jihadists & LOVE turmoil.  Leftists and the pseudo-conservative filth just want war, war, war.  And, we have no money for war.  We can’t even fill up our Navy ships with oil because we are bankrupt.

Russia says they will engage in a nuke war against the US if we don’t stop this crap.  Does Obama listen?  NO.  See for yourself:  IMPEACH OBAMA: Russia Threatens Nuke War Because Of This A$$HOLE

Get prepared, American people that are SANE.  War is coming.  I don’t know when… But look for bombs, rockets and nukes in America–that IS our future..And, its sad to say; We deserve it. (As a whole)

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