The REAL Reason RINO Chris Christie Was Not Invited To CPAC: They Could Not Afford To Feed A Planet

Fat-man is the epitome of ‘liberalism’ in every sense of the word…Fatso.  Sell-out.  Chow Down wide load.


I hate this phoney-bastard.  Chrissy…You’re so fat when you went to school you sat next to everybody.  If you went on a diet, two undeveloped nations would have enough food to eat for a year.  You’re so fat you wake up in sections.  

Where is Ann Coulter?  She has not said anything about fat-boy. Coward.. I think the snot had a crush on him.. Grossssss.  Boom, bada boom, bada boom..  Ok, enough.  He’s a sell-out.  You people in NJ need to pray that the planet-man  will go into some other orbit where he will have sprinkles from milk-shakes as his milky way. Hamburgers as his personal moon.