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Obama Is An Illegal Alien himself, Which Is Why He Released Illegal Occupiers.

You all think he did this to ‘punish’ us?  Are you kidding?  Only an illegal would do something like this. BUT, its possible he is punishing his ‘enemies..’ He is the enemy, by the way..  I think that anytime Obama (psycho-Lucifer bastard) does not get his way, he will pull treason out of his hat with NO problem.. Anyway, I told the animal, Barack to stop threatening.. I guess all of his robotic, Gestapo, creatures that follow our black-face, Hitler advised him that the Mad Jewess “ZOG BITCH”, told the filth to stop the bluffing.  LOL.. 

Look at this nonsense, below… Brewer is angry at Obama for letting the criminals go free.. You know why?  Because she made a deal with Obama.  The deal was if she would accept his “Obama-care”, he would not bother her with the illegals.  Puhlease…. Look.. You don’t make deals with the devil, Jan Brewer.   So, go back to what you are supposed to be doing:  Pointing the finger at the ILLEGAL occupying the White House like you used to do.  No amount of money is worth betrayal of state and country–is it!??

Brewer: Release of Hundreds of Illegals Ahead of Cuts ‘Height of Absurdity’

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