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Israel-Hating “Zionist”, Chuck Hagel Will Be Confirmed, As Senate Clears Filibuster For S.O.D. Position

Click:  Senate Clears Hagel Vote

Jew-hating White Supremacists and Left Wing “Jews”!  Strange Bed-fellows!!

Its hard to be humble when one is ALWAYS right about these things…Which I AM!  I hope Israel-haters are ecstatic about this news… I am sure you are.  But, what can we expect from God hating creeps?  I never expect anything from them, anymore.  Liberal ‘Jews’ voted for this!! I keep telling ya’all: Liberal ‘Jews’ are NAZIs! Sick!!

Keep Voting Democrat, Liberal Jews!

You STUPID Liberal “Jewish” IDIOTS!!!!  You got a BLACK-Muslim-NAZI Hitler in the White House.


This is what Lib-”Jews” voted for…

20 Crazy Things Hagel Believes About Israel


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