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Smells Like FASCISM: Michelle Obama @ Oscars. Axelrod & Gibbons On MSNBC

Good read: 25 Signs That America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany

the man who endorses torture

Gag me with a blender, already.. If people are too stupid to not see that this is fascism, then you just want to remain dumb.  NOT my problem.  I refuse to watch this creepiness (the OSCARS)  I have not watched it for YEARS.  And MSNBC is only a must-watch for me, when I have a bad case of gas and feel like blowing a few farts at the TV :D  (You all know I have this issue b/c of surgery)

I wonder how the morons at MSNBC feel about Axelrod and Gibbons (Obama Gestapo) running MSNBC, now??  Pretty soon it will be totally run by the Bolshevik-NAZI crowd.. Watch the anti Israel/Jew/anti-Christian propaganda, 24/7.  It’s all over for you dumb hacks at the Eye-witness news.  Good.  Suckers.  You were used. Useful idiots.. Ha Ha.  A-dee-os.  

See:  MSNBC’s Axelrod And Gibbs Deny ‘Pro-Obama’ Allegations, Claim 

I believe Hollywood will be taken over by 100% IN YA FACE propaganda. It already started:  Michelle Obama giving awards to some Komrades in Tinsel Town.. Is the bitch proud of her country, yet?  Nope.  Leftists are the eternal malcontents.  We’ll start seeing blatant Bolshevism and Communazism coming out of Hollywood on a daily basis…soon.  This is what happened in Russia and Germany, and now here.

A few times on Youtube, someone told me ‘there is no right vs. left’.  Bullcrap.  There are people that are right, (as in righteous) and then there are the “Progressive/Commies/Marxists/Leftists/NAZIs” and they hate righteous people–it’s natural for satan to hate good/righteous and love evil…   So, put a sock in it with no ‘right and left.’  Bolshevik/Commu-Nazis have taken over and it IS ‘us against them.’   I never wanted it to be this way…but it is.

Look at this nasty skank at the OSCARS.. Good gracious.  Why is it that Commies are always hideous??

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