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More Obama Nazi-ism.  Isn’t it the height of hypocrisy that the Obama regime cried like babies when Egypt turned off access to Youtube, yet are coming for Americans? F’k Obama. DIE Barack. Just CROAK.  Obama should be tortured and often, by someone who knows how.. That would be Me.  Why do you think I fight the way I do? And am not polite??

Freedom of Speech?  


(I am going to be posting more on my own opinions rather than linking people anymore, anyway.  I make news happen.  The Walmart ammo whistle-blower was ME.)

Anyway, here is Obama’s Gestapo on the net:

This is a warning for all US internet users: Starting this coming week, the majority of all US Internet users are going to be subject to a new copyright enforcement system that may force them to complete educational programs, and may even slow their Internet speeds to a crawl for continued copyright violations.

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