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Bring Bush Back So That The Democrat Leftist MSM Will Start Holding SOMEONE Accountable!!

Bush would never have gotten away with Benghazi.  Bring him back so that the left will start questioning him as if it’s the inquisition.  If Bush started banning arms, (guns) the left would scream that he is a Nazi, Right-wing, Fascist.  When Obama does it, its OK.  Bush would never have gotten away with Fast and Furious–which nobody even remembers, anymore.  If Bush had put boots-on-the-ground in Egypt and Libya, (WITHOUT congressional approval) the MSM would be demanding his impeachment and calling him a war criminal (Which he would be,) but since OBAMA does it, it’s all good. Murder is OK when Obama does it..  If the gas prices were up to $3.89 (as it is today), it would be on MSNBC, CNN, ABC et al, non-stop.

If Bush were in power and he helped murder Gadaffi, can you imagine how the opposition would be against him?  NOT A PEEP when Obama does it.  If Bush were responsible for helping install Islamic, fundamentalist dictators in the M.E., the Liberal media would be screaming bloody murder (and rightly so), but when OBAMA does it, it’s peachy-keen, Josephine..

If the debt was at 16 trillion, and Bush was in office, the MSM would stay on air, 24/7, demanding he stop the spending.  When OBAMA does it, and then has the GALL to say; “There is no spending problem.”  The left agrees; there is no spending problem.. If Bush signed NDAA, the left would be screaming HITLER RISES!! (They would be right), but when Obama does it, its justified……I could go on and on, but you follow the general point.

PARTISAN MUCH, COMMUNIST-LEFTISTS?  HELLO?  Can someone start reporting the NEWS?

People who understand affirmative-action know that Obama gets away with this insanity because he’s black.  End of story.

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