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   #WARONWOMEN – Bob Beckel, DEMOCRAT: ‘What’s a little mythical campus rape?’ Women Are The Sacrifice For ELITIST Gun Control

There IS a war on women & it’s NOT the GOP. It’s the DEMOCRATS who want women to be raped.  They want their gun control and YOU being RAPED is the sacrifice!!

This is the DEMOCRAT party talking about rape as if its something cool or funny.  And you pathetic, Shariah-longing bitches voted these bastards in.  You love rape and will get exactly what you deserve.  Hell, most ‘feminists’ take up for the rapists and plead the rapist only gets a few months. IDIOTS!!

Meanwhile, SANE ladies like myself will be shooting rapists and often, should they come near us.  Good luck being raped, sodomized, and spit all over your ugly faces.  Maybe that will be your saving grace; Most leftist/DEMOCRAT women are hideous.  Bank on ugly and a ‘whistle.’ 

#WARONWOMEN:  Bob Beckel: What’s a little mythical campus rape? Are you supposed to shoot your date?


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