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CLICK:  NY Times Calls Cruz (TX) McCarthyite Like It’s A Bad Thing~NYTIMES Is The Bolshevik Commu-NAZI H.Q. 

Let me tell you straight up:  Cruz is a McCarthyite about as much as I am a ‘liberal.’ Please… Cruz is not mean enough.  Not bull-doggish enough. But, he does have them runnin scared..  The radical left just wants Cruz to shut up.  That’s all.  Same as when we call out leftist-’Jews’.  They come here to say; ‘You’re anti-semitic!!”  What a CROCK of crap.  Cruz needs to get meaner. More IN YA FACE.

 Conservative people are just not nasty enough.  They need to take lessons from our humble blog.  STOP being civil… The left is certainly not civil, not by any stretch of the imagination.  We are in a culture war, not a garden party.  They want our guns, which means they want to starve and kill us.  When are you people going to wake the hell up??

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