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Leftist-NAZI ALERT: White Students Are The New “Jews” In Aurora, CO: Students BANNED From School Tutoring.

People keep telling me it’s not Nazi.  Bullcrap.  How can it not be NAZI? What’s the difference?  In a fascist nation, extreme racism is present.  In Germany, circa 1930′s, a Jew was outcast for the crime of being a Jew.  In America, it’s becoming a crime just to be white.  Face it.  Fight it, or die. OR, stay in ignorance.  In MO, they are looking to confiscate guns.. Guess who the legal gun-owners are in MO?  Whites.  It’s all about out-casting white people.  Then, when white people complain about this, they tell the white person; “YOU RACIST!”  Reminds me of “YOU JEW!”

The multi-cultural thingie does not work for whites.  “EOE” does not work for whites.  White people get beaten, raped, robbed & murdered by minority supremacists.

white children not wanted

You Leftists are NAZIs.

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