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Words Of Life....
Digi-Art By TMJ, P. AsheDina c. 2013

Brothers/Sister: Have a nice Shabbos this evening, or tomorrow.  Daven for American people that are depressed because of this oppressive, Nazi-like government.  Daven for Jews that are depressed with the rise of Jew-hatred because of the Erav Rav filth & because the world just hates Jews. Daven for peace and prosperity to you.

ALSO: For our online friends and fellow patriots…., Have a great weekend.  Anyone would love this song, it’s wonderful.  Who really does not want peace?  I do.  It’s so far removed from all of us that who can even understand what peace is, anymore?  May the LORD grant you peace. And an end to this psych-suffering. Deep prayers for your hard works in exposing evil.

M.J. And David Ben Moshe
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