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When you see these INSANE (Neturei Karta) “Jews”, please Tweet: #JewsAgainstIsrael

These crazy Jews (Neturei Karta) say they ‘reject’ Zion.  Well.. H’Shem rejects and is ashamed of them.  

Psalms 129:5 - Let them be ashamed and turned backward, all they that hate Zion. יֵבֹשׁוּ, וְיִסֹּגוּ אָחוֹר– כֹּל, שֹׂנְאֵי צִיּוֹן.

They want to answer to people, not H’Shem. These (Neturei Karta) ‘Jews’ said that the non-Jews  or “Christians” reject Zion. How does a Christian reject Zion?  How does a Jew reject Zion? Let’s just be honest.  These Jews are not against “Zion” per se, they are against Israel.  They love David Duke.  You think Duke really likes these people?  NOPE.  NOBODY likes a traitor.  He just uses them the same way Obama uses HIS “Jews”  Benedict Arnold went back to England to live after the Revolution, he thought he’d be welcomed as a ‘hero.’ Instead he was shunned as someone who could never be trusted.

Here is my contribution to these morons who hate Israel.  How do they do it?? Israel is out-numbered, 100-1.  So, they are with the bully.


I realize that everyone has different opinions on the subject. Fine. And, I have mine.  It is based on the holy scriptures.

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