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To our friends in NY:  Get armed.


What could possibly go wrong? I continue to shake my head on a daily basis at some of the moves of this administration. Now, in this case, it is true that they are under pressure from the Obama administration on this issue. But, as the mayor of NYC correctly state, there are no services or funds available to make this new policy work. The Governor hasn’t addressed the money needed or the services that money could provide. So we rushed a disaster of a gun bill through as fast as possible because we had to “do something” yet knowing that this was going to be a new policy, we’ve done nothing. No funding. No services. No chance that this is not going to be a disaster. While we hinder peoples rights to defend themselves, we release mentally ill people to the streets. Public safety will be at risk and the people that are mentally ill and need help do not get the services they need. Turning our backs on them is an inhumane and dangerous policy.

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