Planet Chris Christie is a sign of the times.  America is fat, ugly & unstable.  IF this guy ever became Prez, it would just be a sign of how gluttonous we are.  Actually, it would be fulfilled prophecy..  The dude thinks Sharia Law is OK. Koo Koo, Koo koo…  

To help Obama get elected, he gave him a FAT photo op in NJ after Hurricane Sandy.  (Which they should have named Hurricane Chrissy) Anyway.. He loves Obama and would probably bend over for the right price for Barack.  

Christie is truly the liberals dream come true for the GOP.  I see nothing in him that is patriotic. Birds of a feather.. Recently he told some Obama-hack “Dr” to shut up (about his weight)  Well?  Are you not over-weight, Chrissy?  Methinks you are in denial.  You need to accept that you are obese and just start cutting down on the fat.  I like food too, but I know too much of it will make me fat.  Nobody wants to be fat.  So, this is why he is pissed off.  There is no fast solution for a super gargantuan fat guy.  

Planet Christie says he is the “healthiest guy” after munching on a donut. (See Video Here, courtesy of CBS).

Lose Weight.

Christie was so fat when he stepped on the scale it said, “To be continued.”
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