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CAIR is not as intimidating as they are incredibly thin-skinned and weak wuss’s. They can’t take criticism.  I get called a kike, a dirty Jew whore, a Zio-Nazi, a Zio fascist, a hook-nosed kike, etc….And, I get through the day.  My halfies, the Jews are told to sit down and shut the hell up at colleges because they love Israel. Some world.  Christians are told to just take it up the A$$ and accept homosex/marriage and pay for murdering babies.. and nobody says a word…

I dont get the Arabs in America at all.  Or Muslims, whatever.  I just don’t.  The Arab in that Coca-Cola commercial was really handsome.  I mean, Coca Cola could have put this dude in the commercial:

Why are the Arab/Muslims so embarrassed about their past?  Did you all hear that Muslim from CAIR on O’Reilly?  He said “I thought that we were passed 20′s-50′s America?”  You see? These people from these other 3rd world dumps don’t get.. Actually don’t WANT to GET our America that we loved.  This is the real reason that I, personally can’t stand these people.  They want us to respect their religion of throat-chopping craziness, but they don’t want to allow us to even celebrate our own past of classiness, God and country, great music, fab cars and wonderful fashion.  

You know what?


They took the Arab out:

They are super embarrassed about their camels.  I am not embarrassed about the cowboys in that video.

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