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Take a good look at the scene in the video, below.  This is our ‘future.’  Yes, many Americans: Christians, Jews, Non-Jews, Libertarians, Conservatives alike-will turn on each-other for a dime.  That’s what many people do when they are hungry.  When they are disarmed. When they are at wits end.  When they are invaded. When their government has gone rogue.  And, don’t think for a minute, you stupid leftist-NAZIs, that the government will not turn on you as well. They will.  You are only of use for the mean-time.  You are nothing to this government.  Just useful morons.

People had better start considering what they will do when they have nothing.  You should pray to God about this.

You should make a promise to God that you will not turn on right-minded, fellow Americans.   Serious times are coming.  

Obama the Commu-NAZI hates America.   Today was the anointing (inauguration) of King Hussein Obama. Obama shot the eagle with a shot-gun, spiritually speaking.  After shooting the eagle, he stepped on it’s neck. We will all suffer from this madman.  It will be too late to repent, you idiots that voted for this drek.

When America actually ‘was’ America, we went through the Great Depression.  To survive, many people worked for the state and the feds.  The state and the federal govt. ordered many people/s homes in the dust-bowl to be bulldozed.  Men bulldozed their neighbors homes-neighbors they knew all their lives.  We are no longer America, we are a 3rd world dump.  Many “Americans” are from other countries with absolutely NO allegiance to American people or the principles that we once possessed.. If it was that bad in the 1930′s, just think how catastrophic it will be in Obama’s Nazi insurrection.

If the video does not work, watch it here on this Link

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