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The Federalist Papers are the footnotes to the Constitution, and have the same force. Federalist Paper #28 reads in part, “Those who usurp their offices are to be thrown out with armed force.”

What I would like to know is… Where has everyone been for the last 4 years? Obama was not born in the USA. He is a Muslim, Kenyan usurper.  Why is this so hard to get?  There is proof all over the place.  He should have been thrown out of the DNC on 06/02/2008 when it was first revealed by TXDARLIN.  I can’t believe that men have allowed this lunatic to go this far.  

This evil, Muslim, half-breed, illegitimate bastard has been murdering people all over the planet.  He has taken our men all over hells half acres on killing sprees. 4 military men are dead from the Benghazi terrorist attack including an ambassador and nobody does anything?  Imagine if this was GWB.  I didnt like GWB, but nobody let him get away with anything.



I think ya'all may be too late.  This sob is already preparing for a WAR against Americans.  Besides, we will still be stuck with 20 million lunatic, Marxist, seditious leftists. 


I am weary now....of the APATHY of American people.  In my opinion, it's deserved because we all sat back while this TYRANT has thrust this insanity down our throats for 4 years.

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