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I believe something happened.  Just what? I don’t know after watching these 2 videos below my post.  I believe that Robbie Parker is not grieving for a lost child in any way, shape or form.

I would like to know how Victoria Soto managed to know she would be murdered 4 days before the event took place. How did someone else know she would be murdered? Who made the facebook page?  These 2 videos have shown me that something else happened besides what we have been told.

This post by “The Dirty Lowdown” has a breakdown: SANDY HOOK: THE LATEST EVIDENCE if you want to read it.

Video 1 “Robbie Parker smiling”

Victoria Soto “RIP” facebook page, created 4 days before the incident:

These are the only 2 videos of evidence that have me convinced of foul play.

This picture below is strange. Why is everyone smiling after their supposed daughter has been murdered?

Those are the only questions I have.

-David Ben Moshe


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