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Click on this bogus “New Civil Rights” website… A dumb female sheeple for Obama is bitching about Obama’s lack of females LOL: Where Are The Women, President Obama?


Laughing 1Female uglies got dup’d by Barack Hussein Obama the insane.  What don’t you dumbbell feminist idiots for Sharia not get?  Obama is a Muslim before anything (by nature) and a Marxist, next.  Muslim men do not respect women.  
I noticed how he even placed that dog-ugly Jarrett in the back so she can’t be seen. LOL… Cracks me up.  They LIED about some GOP war on women.  Who knew that Obama would turn on the Liberals and female moonbats so fast.. What a riot.

See Jarrett behind the fatty in the blue, oxford shirt?

This should be the Feminist poster against Obama.

Wake up you stupid  Liberal women, you are SO had by this IDIOT!!!

SoNeo- Democrat art work brought to you by The Mad Jew Bitch
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