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It’s all happening again. Only this time, in my personal opinion, its more of a Communist and a Nazi ideology (serious racism against white people, Jew hatred, Christian hatred, spiritual Zionist hatred)  Last night on Hannity, a man was in the audience.  They were talking about LoHud and their infamous Nazi style map.  Which was NAZI, by the way. “Know your neighbor?”   Kinda like “Know if your neighbor is a JEW?”  

Leftists rant on and on about how ‘we’ are the Nazis.  We don’t print up peoples homes and reveal personal information. We are trying to defend ourselves from this anti American slaughterhouse that they want to install into our once nice country:

(See this ‘comic’. It is anti Christian, and anti-capitalist) Can you imagine how Russian patriots must have felt as the satanic leftists were turning their nation upside down?


Here below, they are  vacuuming out the church and people with money:


Below, “Workers” destroy Heaven where Churchs are:

Showing who they saw as their enemies: a land owner, kulak (middle class), drunk, priest, bureaucrat, capitalist and white general: See it here.

One of their screwed up poems:

The Landowner glares like a ferocious watchdog

The Kulak [rich peasant] snorts through his bulbous nose

The habitual drunk boozes his woes away

The [village] priest frantically whoops and and wails.

The corrupt journalist spits and hisses

The capitalist sharpens his tusks

The Menshevik rages like a madman

The White Soldier effs and blinds.

These dogs that have not been thrown into jail -

Everyone defending the bad old ways -

Put an evil curse on the Five-Year Plan

And declare war on it.

They threaten its disruption, realising

That it spells their utter ruination.

It’s all here again.  End Result for us who won’t go along:

Side note:

This post does NOT reflect Russia, now.  Russia is Christian now and for free enterprise, unlike the late, great America.