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We welcome ILLEGAL babies, yet murder our own…

Proud to be an Amerikan?  How can people actually come here and NOT want God to judge this wicked, vile nation of murder, rape and tyranny? ANY SANE person who fears the Lord would want HaShem to come, expeditiously and judge it severely.  Nah, we’re all not bad.. Some of us are good. Sure. Sure ya are.  Are ANY of us out there DEMANDING- in their faces- to STOP THE MURDER OF BABIES BY ABORTION?


Sure, you do a little here and there, I try to do what I can, as well.  But, let’s face it.. This murder of babies has made us dull to war and murdering nations off in the name of ‘human rights’.  People in other countries do NOT hate us because we are ‘free’.  Freedom is not an American ideology, anymore.  Need proof?  Look who is in the White House-a tin-pot dictator, Marxist, Communist bastard. A REAL bastard who did not even have a legit father.  AmeriKa is a BIG, FAT hypocrite.  And, disgusting, debaucherous leftists pretend to cry like crazy over the acting scandal in Sandy Hook where children MAY have died, yet these EVIL PIGS care nothing for babies that THEY murder–every single day.


CLICK: Planned Parenthood’s New Annual Report: We Did 333,964 Abortions; 1 Every 94 Seconds

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