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Anyone with a brain can see that Sandy Hook thing is a lot of hoo-ey and really BAD acting…So-Here we go with the BAD news today re. the illegal, occupying, criminally insane wack-job known as Prez Hussein Obama.. He now wants a national gun-owner data base.   This stray cat can’t even tell the whole world where his next drone will attack – yet, he wants to track us LEGAL citizens. He is not even a US citizen and we are subject to this imposter-freak?  Isn’t it time to storm the Bastille??  Or are we going to just surrender like the French?  Looks like it to me, BOYS.

The White House is weighing a far-reaching package of legislation that would tighten restrictions on firearm sales and ownership by requiring universal background checks for gun buyers and creating a national database to track the weapons.

…The database would require that guns be registered or permitted.

CLICK:  ObamaTo Push National Database Of Gun Owners

Who ever knew that Demo-NAZI-Commies were such control freaks… 

Is there anything they DON’T want??

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