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Time‘ ~ Digi-art, crafted by T.M.J., P. AsheDina C. 2012 (For you, MareZilla)

Dear Zilla;

Thank you so much for taking note of our humble, little blog, here at The Mad Jewess with (QV, GBG & DBM) re. the Second Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere!

It sure made me feel good. (Even though I have the Obama-mandated flu real bad)   You are a delight to the blog-community and a serious force to be reckoned with for Barack HUSSEIN the-long-legged-mack-daddy, Obama-LOL.  Anyway.. Thank God for a sweet online friend like you.  I wish I could get over to your place more, just so busy fighting the filthy, jakobite, disastrous, dirtbag, leftist Gestapo to do so! Sorry! If I had a million to give away, I would virtually send it YOUR way!

Shalom Achoti-Much love, Sister

הרבה אהבת אחות

The Mad Jew B*tch :D

(I cant stand Midlers voice, (this is a good song, though) It sums I how I feel about my online buddies, like Zilla)

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