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Contributed by GoldBugGal

Should we  believe what the main stream media is telling us about Sandy Hook??  Why were actors involved?  Why is there a “RIP Facebook page for V. Soto on Dec. 10th?”  The incident happened on the 14th.  How did they know Soto was going to die 4 days before the event?? Do you think it’s a coincidence that Feinstein and Obama immediately started working on gun control?  Think, sheeple..  Did Sandy Hook even happen?  These are questions that we are asking.

The only ‘conspiracy’ I see here, is the conspiracy of the Progressives to take our guns using fake situations and set-ups.  Reminds me of that movie; “Arlington Road”.  Maybe Lanza’s mother was set-up to die? Who knows.

These are questions.  That’s all. We have a right to ask.

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