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Met the son of an Amerikaner over Xmas. He has a degree, but is jobless. He is part of the entitlement parasite dregs of American society. A student loan that he now begs his father who fled the condemned Continent to help pay. He voted for 0bama. So I told him to apply to the WH for a job. He would get his ‘hopey changey’ realized. He glared at me and said I didn’t understand that 0bama is trying to ‘fix’ the nation’s problems caused by Bush. Eh?

I told him In the midterm elections of George W. Bush’s second term, held in Nov. 2006, Americans voted for Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid respectively. On that day, the Total Outstanding Public Debt was $8.6 Trillion.

TODAY the Debt is nearly $16.4 Trillion … and 38% of then likely voters thought the country was heading in the “right direction.” Was he one of them, I asked.
In the month of November- 334 Billion dollars … while taking in only $162 billion. And this happens month after month, year after year.

Oh, the new graduate did not know! He majored in some ‘liberal’ humanistic studies!!!!!! I told him any IDIOT could go to the Internet and research 0bama and get tons of info about him being a cocaine addict, a terrorist who spent time in Pakistan, a communist, a parasite who has never worked in his life but was entrusted with the nation’s fiscal well-being by being elected into the highest office, who spends more time on the golf course than in the Oval office, and whose draconian laws of terror are in place to control Amerikaners. And I told him the hardest hit would be guys like him. He sat there, dumbfounded, almost in tears! And he’s 23!! Jeez. And America’s future rests on dumb ones like him.


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