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CLICK, h/t  QV  Here is the new USSA version of ‘democracy’ Read it.  Most American idiots are sympathetic to the ‘rebels.’  Even the very astute, Mr Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit is had by the pro-Jihad propaganda & seems to be sympathetic to the ‘rebels’.

What in the f is up with Americans?  They say they are Christian (or Jewish), yet have the upmost sympathy for murderers.  This blog stands with the citizens of Syria that are either Christian or sane.  We deplore Obama’s Al Qaeda in Syria. We say that Obama is treasonous and an Al Qaeda terrorist.  We believe Obama to be a mass murderer of the middle east and now Africa. We believe that Obama is the butcher of Benghazi.  We believe that Obama should be charged for crimes against humanity and dealt with accordingly.

I am so sorry Syrian Christians. I am so sorry. Please, Lord of heaven and earth, please deal with the USA the way we have been dealing with the world.


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