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I can’t tell you all how many WOMEN want ‘gun control’.  Honest to God… Women are the dumbest people that God ever put on the earth.  And that aint saying a lot for my own sex, I agree.. But just who the hell do women think protect them when the SHTF? MEN. Men with GUNS.

They take your guns, you are dead.  Got that?  Ask any surviving person from the Nazi holocaust.  Ask any person that has lived under Communism.  That means you too, shithead ‘liberal’ Nazi bastards.

DH: New federal gun laws?

RB: Yes. Count on the criminalization to possess just about every gun you can think of. Not only restrictions, but actual criminalization of possessing a banned firearm. I heard this directly from the highest of my sources. Plans were made in the ‘90s but were withheld. Now, it’s a new day, a new time, and they are riding the wave of emotion from Sandy Hook, which, by the way as tragic as it was, well, it stinks to high heaven. I mean there are many things wrong there, and first reports are fast disappearing. The narrative is being changed. Look, there is something wrong with Sandy Hook, but if you write it, you’ll be called a kook or worse.

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