One of the biggest mouths from the past for the liberal media establishment of insanity run amok was Sam Donaldson.  He represents liberals.  This being said-after seeing the news that he drinks and drives, it is time to END the freedoms that  liberals take for granted; drinking and having cars.  Why not? Why is this any less important than what has been happening because of the liberal created violent culture??  If guns are up for debate, then beer and liberal drunks should be as well.

Sam Donaldson was arrested for driving under the influence in Lewes, Delaware. WGMD radio reports the story..

Liberal- infected GOP senator ALSO arrested on DUI charge, ban him from cars as well.


Anti-Gun Logic 101-

As a result of this tragedy, we should ban:

1) Cars
2) Liberal media liars
3) Alcohol

Then everything will be fine.

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