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They created the whole culture of violence-they have spent 40 plus years of doing so.  Its only a natural reaction for sheeple to beg for gun-control…IF you are a stupid idiot.  Of course they have ‘set it up.’  It’s part of the Commie manifesto.

‎”Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.” — James Madison


You REALLY want ‘gun control?’  

Buy a gun.


Madman child killer addicted to video games


I really think it’s time someone seriously study the connection between violent movies, music, and video games to some of these school shootings.  Unfortunately Washington pols are so deeply into the pockets of Hollywood that they can’t think straight.  

I don’t recall these types of crimes occuring when I was growing up during the age of relatively innocent tv in the early 60′s.  I think today’s children have become desensitized to violence, especially with the lasted video games, many of which are combat based and have earned Mature ratings for their extreme violence. Combine this type of “entertainment” with the lack of emphasis on living a moral life and to me, it’s a recipe for this type of violence.

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