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Defense Dept. Had Live Video Of Attack In Benghazi-Meanwhile, Belafonte’ Would Like To Kill Us For Reporting On It.  Click here:  Defense Dept. had live video of attack in Benghazi

We would like to know what you knew, Mr Asshole Hussein Osama.  It’s only ‘kosher’ to show what GWB knew and didn’t know, but not you.  You tell all of the TV stations to shut up and now you send out this old, Marxist, dirt-bag pos, Belafonte – to push through your Stalinist talking points to ‘test the waters.’ 

Why not come and TRY to kill us all, Hussein?  Come on, bastard, bring it on.  Let’s have a good fight.  You, me and Yavapai County.

Friends, this whole mess in Benghazi will go like Fast and Furious, Away. Just as we said, here: BENGHAZI GATE « The Mad Jewess

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